Motivational Success Story Of Scarlet Johansen.

Scarlet Johansen today’s one of the most beautiful and highest-paid actresses in Hollywood but unfortunately that was not always the case she had very humble beginnings her childhood was not easy.

She grew up as one of four kids in a poor family her parents relied on the government to help provide meals for the family they struggled to survive and lived on welfare and food stamps those hard times took a lot of strain on her parents marriage.

So they divorced when scarlet was only thirteen but they stayed very supportive when she decided to become an actress as a child Scarlett practiced acting by staring in the mirror until she made herself cry.

She started going to auditions at a very young age so from the age of seven she had to go through a lot of rejections before someone would take a chance on her to this day she still remembers the pain of being turned down by an agent for the very first time.

They didn’t want me I was devastated I thought it was the end of my career she felt unmotivated her dreams were broken she was so upset and devastated that her mother tried to convince her to let go of her dream at only seven.

Scarlet Johansen was brave to continue on the path filled with rejections because the idea of giving up was even more painful so Scarlett decided to go after her dreams and become an actress despite everything.

She was also rejected for commercials because as a child she had a very deep raspy voice that just wasn’t suitable Scarlett was only nine when she got her first movie role but at the age of 13 with the movie The Horse Whisperer.

Scarlet Johansen proved that she was born to be an actress she proved that she has made the right decision the way she brought life to the role of a young girl with an amputated leg won everyone’s hearts the movie received outstanding reviews so much.

She was nominated for most promising actress even though her career is filled with many setbacks and failures she has won plenty of words for her incredible performances Scarlet Johansen also became a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the role of Natasha Romanov also known as Black Widow.

So the girl who grew up poor living on food stamps became the highest-paid actress in the world as we can see one decision one moment can have an incredible impact on your future at only 7 when Scarlet Johansen was rejected for the first time.

She was just a kid she was devastated and felt like a failure from that age but she made a decision to continue on that path and you know why because her goal was clear but if the fear of pain failure and rejection one we would have never heard of Scarlet Johansen.

What I’m trying to say is that one daring moment can change your life forever we’ve all experienced those turning points in our lives those terrifying moments when we make a decision that changes everything this major decisions can change the way.

We live the rest of our lives these big moments bring conflict in our head one voice is the voice of fear self-doubt this voice is dragging us back into the comfort zone where nothing grows and the other is the voice that touches your brief side.

The voice that makes you powerful it’s time to make a daring decision to stop hesitating stop worrying calculating and procrastinating and fight for your dreams it’s time to make a decision will you curl up in a ball from fear and stay right where you are for the rest of your life or will you take that leap and redefine your future remember you’re not limited you’re infinite.


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