Floyd Mayweather MOTIVATIONAL Speech.

Just having a dream believing believing in myself believing in my skills believing in my talent and also surrounding myself with the right team Floyd Mayweather had to surround myself with the right people and everything took flight you know.

but just my mother being on crack yeah my dad being shot when i was when i was a kid um actually my dad was holding me when he got shot i was a kid my dad picked me up when my dad got shot actually.

my mother brother shot my dad my uncle and then when i was in vegas actually uh i think it was somewhere around 2000 six my same uncle that shot my daddy um he died in my house so you know i’ve been through a lot of ups and downs.

but um i beat all the odds i just say to myself i just look at the people out here in the world today and a lot of times we we cry we complain um we complain about things that’s not really important we always worry.

about who got the most well who got this and who got that instead of just standing in your own lane worrying about what you got so that’s what i you know i try to do i try to focus on Floyd Mayweather i don’t try to stand up i don’t try to get in nobody else’s lane um.

i’m not jealous of nobody else and that’s what i do um actually what i did early on you got a balance you have to balance on a small scale so what i was able to do was balance money on a small scale.

First i made some mistakes in the beginning but you know that comes with the territory um then um one of the best investments that i did was new york real estate so it started off with seven figures and i was getting a certain amount of money every month because you know.

When i get with my friends that’s jewish and i get with my friends my white friends and my jewish friends um i’m not with him i’m not trying to say uh let me get on your plane uh uh oh i like your house i said you know what show me show me.

How to get generational well and just being around him you know i soaked up the game and i learned it and just being with al heyman al haymon played a major major part you know with helping me get to where i got to.

You know al haymon one day just told me you want to be the highest paid athlete we’ll do that you want to go on forbes as the top top guy will do that but then you know along with al and my jewish friends and my and my white friends what we did was we built generational wealth.

So my first investment i came in i put my first investment was 5 million but that was years ago i’m talking about years ago um when i first gave them 5 million i was getting 50 000 a month so so i said yo the money kept coming on the 18th every month 50 000 would come in.

Floyd Mayweather still was competing i still was fighting i still was active and i still was making crazy money i just believe and i got a game plan you always got to have a game plan even like everybody in this audience.

You know what we’re slacking is this we we have to go back to the old school pen and paper we have to write that’s my thing i love right we have to write our ideas down and sit it right there on the nightstand and and you got to see every day you see certain goals you can write down 10 goals and then in 12 months.

If you ain’t accomplished none of those goals then you’re running in place i live my life the way i want to live in and no matter what you can’t please everybody because um it’s so crazy like in the beginning you know Floyd Mayweather feel like people was rooting for me wanted the best for me and the more and more.

As i accomplished more and kept accomplishing things then you start seeing like different things then you start saying oh uh he’s a wife beater oh he’s not that smart or he’s you you hear so many different things and i just feel like okay you’re entitled to believe whatever you want to believe.

But Floyd Mayweather have to have some type of common sense or some type of smart some type of intelligence to be where i’m at you know i’ve been where i’ve been living the same life for 25 years the great feeling about my life is that um that.

Floyd Mayweather can still live the same when i was competing the same life i was living when i was out there when i was fighting is the same lifestyle that i still live currently right now because i made smart moves because even like these young.

These young rappers these hip-hop artists these basketball players and these football players they think they’re going to be young forever everything comes to an end even life so before that expiration date i just want to make sure that you know my my grandchildren and my children are in a great position and i put them in that position you.


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