Dhirubhai Ambani – Success Story

Dhirubhai Ambani  Only wondered why do not accept defeat challenge the negative forces the past was given you will certainly win for you represent the future you will succeed my friend who would have thought that once a man with nothing in his hands.

But just dreams and visions in his mind would become one of the richest in the country and would own a group of industries that would in future contribute over eight percent of india’s total exports and eight percent of government of india’s indirect tax revenues.

He was born on 28th december 1932 in chorward gujarat in a lower middle class family he studied from bahadur kanji school and left his education incomplete to work for a company known as abc and company in aden yemen with his brother as a clerk to support his family he was married to gokula being in 1955.

His first son mukesh was born in aden in 1957. when yemen got independent situations for non-yemeni started to get worse and this was when Dhirubhai Ambani  decided to bring his family back to india in the city of dreams talent or businesses of the future may invest garuda.

Who knew that a man with just 100 rupees in his pocket would lay the foundation of what in future would turn out to be a company worth billions this video highlights dhirubhai ambani’s life and his journey to success.

In 1958 Dhirubhai Ambani  started a small trading venture which mainly dealt in spices and herbs when he started his first venture he used to live with his family in just a single room apartment in buleshwar he then expanded his business to textile industry with a partner whose name was champaklal damani.

However his business ideology never matched with his partners damani was a safe player and restricted himself from maintaining inventories and taking any risks ambani on the other hand wanted to expand his business and was willing to take.

We go risks would like to be number one this led to their separation in 1965. in 1966 Dhirubhai Ambani  laid the foundation of his company namely reliance commercial corporation and its office was set up at masjid bhandar with a table and a few chairs along with two assistants on a 500 square feet area on rent.

He set up his first textile mill at naroda and from this came the brand called vimel which sold polyester materials for sarees shults suits and dresses his marketing tactics were also commendable and at a time his brand became a household name known by everyone and there were several stores of only wimmel in different parts of the country.

Later in 1973 his company was renamed to reliance industries in the year 1976 to 1977 reliance industries had an annual turnover of over 70 crores the uruguayan money always believed in building trust and relationships between employees and the company.

The alliance in fact had a separate department to handle any issues its employees had between my past the present and the future there is a common factor relationship and trust the source of myself this is why i could dream.

When the night was dark i could laugh when adversity knocked the door in 1977 reliance industries went public and around 58 000 people invested Dhirubhai Ambani  set up a polyester yarn plant in patalganga in 1980.

In 1986 he got a heart attack but his sheer will made him recover fast and he was back in business he didn’t stop and expanded his business into different fields such as petrochemicals telecommunications retail etc.

Reliance industries became one of the largest industrial empires in the country in 1991 he set up a mega petrochemical complex in hazira this project will help initially saving foreign exchange 665 hours a year raising is to 800 cores.

This will take your company into new high growth and high profit areas of petrochemicals polymers and rubbers in 1999 an oil refinery in jamnagar which was asia’s largest petroleum limited has been formed to implement.

India’s first pride sector world-scale 90 lakh turns perennial finally this refinery at jamnagar in gujarat will be the largest grassroot refinery ever to be built in india dhirubhai also had a dream of making phone calls cheaper than a postcard and that connectivity should reach to remote areas including villages.

In 2004 reliance infocom brought a telecom revolution in india most of the indians still remember that 500 rupee mobile phone and the tagline.

In 2002 Dhirubhai Ambani got another heart attack and he took his last breath on 6 july after remaining a week in coma once a man with nothing but just dreams became india’s richest and when he died his net worth was 2.9 billion dollars as per forbes after his death.

Reliance group of industries was divided into two parts reliance industries limited was headed by mukesh ambani and reliance anil dhiru by ambani group was taken care of by anil ambani.

Dhirubhai ambani received several awards in his life such as the economic times award the dean’s medal man of the century award and above all he was posthumously awarded the padmava bhushan which is india’s second highest civilian award. Mr hiroba yamani left the world but his legacy still continues.


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